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STELLA Project for the Erasmus Days 2018

Modigliana, Corso Garibaldi, Modigliana

The organisation of our Erasmus Day is part of the Erasmus+ project KA2 Adult Education « STELLA-Staff’s European Lifelong Learning Academy » (2017-1-DE02-KA204-004167; http://www.ella-ella.eu/stella/). STELLA project involves 10 European partners working together to identify the best methods and tools to help disabled and disadvantaged people to improve some important skills for their inclusion in the daily and working life (organizational skills, social behaviour, team ability, analythical thinking, communication skills, technical skills). Each partner is actively involving a group of disabled/disadvantaged people in the project activities, in particular they play a role of assistants for the experimentation of the identified methods and tools. At the end of the project a handbook will be realized with the identified best methods and tools.
Our co-operative Kara Bobowski is involved in Organizational and Technical skills and we have decided to organize an event for the Erasmus Days in order to test the identified methods and tools to improve these skills (our French partner will do the same, the German and Greek partner will do other events).
Our event will be organized by 4 young-adults with mental disability (the same involved in STELLA project) and our 4 actual European volunteers from Spain, Portugal, France and Poland, coordinated by the staff of our European Office.
The event will take place on Saturday 13 October (from 9am to 13pm) along the street where the weekly market takes place. We are a very small town but we want to give our contribute to celebrate Erasmus+ and EU.
The event includes some activities:
– desk and posters with information and photos about STELLA project;
– workshop open to children and adults « how to do pon-pons » held by our disabled group (link to Technical skills)
– animation for children (balloons and face painting using European flag colours);
– “Flash interviews” along the street about “What Europe is for you?”. The same interviews will be done with our disabled group before the event. All the interviews will be used to create a short video by our EVS Portoguese volunteer;
– music (in particular, our Spanish volunteer will write and music a song dedicated to Erasmus and EU);
– “European Flashmob”: Modigliana’s citizens will be invited to meet at a certain time in front of the municipality holding blue and yellows balloons: a photo will be done from the balcony of the municipality.

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